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Warco Industrial Heat Transfer offers its customers a very comprehensive, cost-effective, and safe heat exchanger program. One that is proven and allows customers to focus on their core business all the while knowing that their assets are being restored to the highest levels the industry has to offer.

Planning and execution:

  • Warco offers its customers a single point of contact from the pre-planning sequence of events to the deliverable job scope
  • Isolation and blinding
  • Bundle extraction, installation &transportation
  • Our aerial extractors are late-model Idrojets with a bundle weight capacity of up to 100,000 lbs.
  • Our QC department works directly with our managers, clients, and a governing body to ensure all policies, and procedures are the highest standards and reflect the best practices of the industry.

Heat Exchanger Bundle Transportation:

  • Warco’s process allows for the loading of bundles directly from our bundle pullers onto specifically designed bundle-hauling trailer.
  • Our unique purpose-built bundle hauling trailer reduces the risk of injury and damage to customer assets and eliminates the risk of contaminant spills while in transit.

Heat Exchanger Bundle Cleaning:

Combining heat, chemistry, Ultrasonics, and high pressure in a controlled environment has provided our customers with significant cost saving, improved safety, reduced environmental liability and less waste. Returning heat transfer assets to full heat shed capacity allows for more efficient and profitable operation. This is a game changer in heat transfer services

  • Warco’s facility layout is designed in the most efficient manner to process equipment safely and expediently.
  • Warco Industrial can help your business cut costs and downtime, our expertise in ultra-sonic and high-pressure cleaning ensures that your heat exchangers are cleaned to the highest levels possible increasing production and profitability..
  • Our exchanger program is backed by customer testimonials and their confidence in awarding us with long-term maintenance agreements.
  • Our experience has allowed us to explore the use of new technology and implement best practices that have proven effective for our customers
  • The thicker polymer deposits become, the longer and more difficult they take to clear using traditional methods. The importance of regular, routine cleaning and maintenance is made more efficient using Ultrasonic cleaning methods.
  • Conventional high-pressure cleaning can use more than 20,000 Gal (76,000 litres) of water per exchanger and this wastewater requires treatment.
  • Performing this service in our shop reduces the cost of high-pressure cleaning alone significantly and lowers the risk of serious injury to personnel. Our process combines ultrasonic cleaning and reduces environmental disposal waste on site.
  • Warco offers a full array of cleaning methods that allows us to bring your process equipment back to the highest level of operational condition as quickly and as safely as possible.

Inspection Services:

  • Warco doesn’t have an inspection service but provides space in its cleaning facility to execute inspections by the customers’ chosen service provider. This further helps in maintaining scheduled downtime.
  • Once inspections are completed bundles can be wrapped and transported or moved into the repair phase of the program.

Heat Exchanger Bundle Repairs:

  • Another benefit to off-site cleaning is when repair work is identified resources are often readily available reducing downtime.
  • Warco is an ABSA-registered heat exchanger repair specialist both in the shop and field.
  • All inspections and repairs can be completed in our shop with safety and efficiency by our technicians and 3rd party contractors, or the firm of your choice.

Heat Exchanger installation, leak testing, and handover:

  • Upon completion of cleaning inspections and repairs, Warco can complete the reinstatement process
  • Bundle installation
  • Bolt up, torque, and tensioning
  • Leak testing
  • De-blinding
  • Handover- ensure quality control handover and acceptance
  • Reach out to gain feedback for program improvement

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 Before Cleaning After Cleaning
 Before Cleaning After Cleaning