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Heat Exchanger Cleaning

Warco Industrial can help your business cut costs and downtime, our expertise in ultra-sonic and high pressure cleaning ensure that your heat exchangers are cleaned with safety and precision, increasing production and profitability in conjunction with regimented cleaning cycles . If you find that your current provider is unable to meet these expectations, consider securing the services of Warco Industrial. Our services are backed by customer testimonials and their confidence in awarding us with long term maintenance agreements. Our experience in this business has allowed us to explore the use of new technology and implement best practices that have proven effective for our customers. All inspections and repairs can be completed in our shop with safety and efficiency by our technicians and 3rd party contractors, or firm of your choice.

Ultra-Sonic Cleaning

Cleaning of heat exchangers is painstaking, risky, and expensive task if not performed by experts. Plant equipment can be cleaned with a combination of ultra-high-pressure water jetting, persistence and labour. However, the thicker the polymer deposits become, the longer and more difficult they take to clear using traditional methods. The importance of regular, routine cleaning and maintenance can be made more efficient using Ultrasonic cleaning methods.

Furthermore, conventional high pressure cleaning can use in excess of 20,000 Gal (76,000 litres) of water per exchanger and this waste water requires treatment. Ultrasonic cleaning reduces the disposal waste and time of high pressure cleaning by 50% and also reduces the risk to those performing the task.

Ultrasonic Cleaning Technology

Ultrasonic cleaning particularly with thickness mode ultrasonic transducers provides a much more efficient way to clean heat exchangers. Sound wave implosions, called cavitation separates the contaminant from the surface without damaging a component. Warco Industrial expertly applies patented technology to achieve unparalleled results.

  • Effectively removes all forms of hydrocarbon contamination and refinery-grade by-products compared to conventional cleaning processes. 
  • Cleans components and equipment once deemed NFG. 
  • Extending exchanger service and reducing cleaning cycles. Cleaner surfaces + Increased flow rates = Greater utilization.
  • Harm to the environment and water usage with ultrasonic cleaning is greatly reduced. 
  • Ultrasonic cleaning reduces risk of damage to people and equipment compared to high pressure cleaning method alone.

High Pressure Cleaning

When cleaning heat exchangers and other process equipment, it is important to remove all deposits and sediment, taking surfaces back to bare metal. This process requires ultra-high pressure and poses significant risk to workers and equipment. Failure to remove all fouling will not deliver the benefits of this effort reduce the return on investment. Warco Industrial has the right people, processes, and tools to execute high pressure cleaning, whether it is on-site or off-site at our purpose built facility. Our high-pressure operators receive industry recognized training and meet the requirement of Water Jet Technology Association (WJTA)- Best Practices for the Use of High-Pressure Water Jetting Equipment Standards. We work with equipment manufacturers to build customized tooling and equipment.

  • High pressure shell and tube cleaning
  • Triple flex lancing, as well as triple ridged lancing for cleaning fixed exchangers,
  • Automated aerial cooler cleaning
  • Pipe cleaning
  • Boiler tube cleaning
  • High-pressure 3D tank cleaning
  • Our portable self-contained high-pressure units supply 10,000 psi to 40,000 psi at various GPM
  • Full service aerial cooler cleaning for both external fin and screen cleaning using compressed air and internal tube cleaning using high pressure water jetting.
Fouled tube bundle cleaned at our Bonnyville facility